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ZRO FOX ft. Sasha Go Hard – Might Not (Video)

ZRO FOX ft. Sasha Go Hard – Might Not (Video)

If you don’t Hip Hop with real spitters, please exit the site immediately. if you’re looking for the ill shit, continue reading.

ZRO FOX which consists of  ProbCause and Hologram Kizzie, link up with fellow Chicagoan femcee Sasha Go Hard for the new video Might Not. It didn’t take long for these artists to capture our attention. Their new EP drops on January 21st so mark your calendars.

Read more on the Wes P. produced video here:

ZRO FOX are striving to make 2015 there year. As stated by GoodMusicAllDay, ZRO FOX is “very self-aware, self-assured, and fiercely independent … and it shows.” Releasing January 21, the duo’s self-titled EP is a grandiose and cinematic journey through the minds of ProbCause and Hologram Kizzie. Whether it’s the massive beats or the back and forth verses reminiscent of RUN DMC, ZRO FOX melds together the best of each MC. Between Kizzie claiming ZRO FOX is “more than just rap” or ProbCause sharpening his signature internal rhymes, ZRO FOX are bringing synergy back. 

Watch the new video Might Not from ZRO FOX featuring Sasha Go Hard and directed, Edited & Shot by Aaron Perkins Jr. Leave your opinion in the comment section.


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