XTR Production Releases New Rap Mixtape Step Yo Game Up Vol 2: Defcon1

Step Yo Game Up Vol2: Defcon1

Step Yo Game Up Vol2: Defcon1 rap mixtape

Rise Above Mediocrity

Most of the current popular music scene is drowning in mediocrity, but music is a very powerful tool to deliver a message, an idea or share an experience. Lyrics with a meaning and beats that are catchy can coexist on one track and be commercially viable. Artist development shouldn’t stop once you hit number 1 on the charts. Those are all beliefs that XTR Production upholds and uses them as themes in its new mixtape, Step Yo Game Up Vol2: Defcon1, featuring local talent Psychogenic.

There are 13 tracks that address politics, current events and what it means to be a rapper nowadays. Freedom of speech, fear mongering in the news and rap music scene are all fair game in this charged up mixtape. Messy The Man provides extra bars on issues with Syria and Iraq and world’s reaction to US foreign policies. Production ranges from haunting synths and minimalistic guitars to aggressive pianos and full on cinematic orchestral arrangements.

XTR Production is seeking blog placements and networking opportunities. Contact at http://xtrproduction.com/

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