We’re looking for guest bloggers/writers!

we're looking for guest bloggers writers

Trillmatic.com is a Hip Hop site dedicated to the new, freshness from the Underground or artists on the brink of mainstream success. But we cover more than music. As we grow, we’re looking for guest writers and guest bloggers that are looking to see their articles reach larger masses. As you might have heard, guest blogging can help expand your online presence and help with your SEO rankings.

A few of the topics you can write about and what we’re looking for is Gaming, PlayStation, Xbox, Tech, Battle Rap, Street Art, Graffiti, Fashion, Sneakers, Politics, Movies, Indie Film, TV Shows, Food, Comedy, Business, Basketball, Football, UFC, MMA, and Boxing are our biggest focus.

Types of blog posts we’re looking for: reviews, list posts, blog series, “ultimate guides”, gifs and memes, best-ofs, opinions, observational, what’s happening on Twitter & Instagram, etc. Please include images with your blog post. You can use a service like Pixabay or Picjumbo which offers free stock images that are pretty decent. Look at the one above for reference.

Unfortunately, we are unable to compensate guest bloggers or writers at this time. Your articles and work will be entirely credited to you and we will offer you a do-follow backlink to the website you’re the owner of, the agency you work for, or your personal blog. And if your content is evergreen, the better. Also include any social media that you’re on as well.

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