Watch GLC’s Controversial New Video – “Nixon & Reagan (Working For Satan)”

GLC – Nixon & Reagan (Working for Satan) (Video)

GLC returns with his new video Nixon & Reagan (Working For Satan) in a time where politics reign supreme on the net. Regardless of your political affiliations, maybe you’ll understand it better in the form of raps and flows. Read more about this new video here:

A thought and quote from GLC

Richard Nixon & Ronald Reagan’s “War on Drugs” has proven to be a huge failure & to really a war on African Americans, Latino’s & poor people. The 13th Amendment is unjust. I believe that everything in the constitution that is unjust towards African Americans should be remixed & made fit for all human beings. Grow with us. Exercise your vote & lets focus on ending not only mass incarceration but also ending racism as a whole. In the words of my late great mentor, teacher, instructor, Kwesi Ronald Harris – Uhuru Sasa! – Freedom Now! #FreeTheGuys!

Watch Nixon & Reagan (Working For Satan) from GLC and let us know what you think in the comments!

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