Watch 2015 NBA Draft Prospects Who’ve Never Seen ‘Hoosiers’

Watch 2015 NBA Draft Prospects Who’ve Never Seen ‘Hoosiers’

Am I showing my age right now, bruh? I was born 1985 and everything that came out before that time I’ve seen. Up until 1970, that is. Anything before that was probably in black and white. My father still has damn near every movie from the 80s and 90s recorded on a VHS tape that has 3 to 4 other movies on it.

But it’s strange to see a generation of youngsters who’ve never seen Hoosiers. I knew this day would come when I would start to feel old as shit. Read more below on the release of this video:

The highly acclaimed movie ‘Hoosiers’ came out in 1986, and is considered a must-watch for any avid basketball fan. But the movie came out about 8 years before most of the 2015 NBA Draft prospects were born, so have they even seen the classic film?

Have you seen Hoosiers? Let me know in the comments.

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