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VNCHY – 19+ (Audio)

VNCHY – 19+ (Audio)

The young Canadian rapper known as VNCHY recently dropped his track 19+. And although many people are drawing comparisons based on his vocal inflections, he doesn’t sound like anything coming out of the underground circuit right now. Read more about this release below:

“During ’19+’ I was in a very rebellious mentality,” VNCHY explains. “The very title speaks to the idea of a ‘transitional phase,’ however, that phase is yet to be fully understood in capacity. During the creation process I had newly turned 19 and felt that while those around me viewed such a phase as a time to party and exploit all the freedoms that come with being a legal adult in Canada, all I wanted was to exercise my other wants and desires. I wanted to exercise such desires as running my own business with my own personal team. I wanted to properly put my family and team on a level we all desired. However, my goals didn’t finish there for I have bigger goals and bigger plans at such a young age. Progression has and always will be a must.”

Check out 19+ from VNCHY and leave some feedback in the comment section!

Question: What do you think of the growing Canadian rap scene?

VNCHY - 19+ (Audio)

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