Vic Mensa Freestyles & talks advice from Jay Z (Video)

Vic Mensa Freestyles & talks advice from Jay Z (Video)

The young artist from Chicago, Vic Mensa stopped by Sway in The Morning to speak on a few things. From being a leader in the culture, recently being signed to Roc Nation and getting advice from Jay Z. Read more about this video below:

Vic Mensa is definitely a leader in our culture and isn’t afraid to be different — unapologetically be himself. And he proved that on Sway in the Morning.

Beginning our chat about the Hip Hop, he opens our eyes to an interesting perspective.

“Hip Hop is the only genre that is expected to remain called ‘Hip-Hop.’… people say hip hop is dead… [but] you don’t call any modern rock just rock.” Explaining the difference between Punk Rock and its different levels.

Being recently signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation, he details a story between him and Jay that reassured him that he was on the right path. He also shared the biggest game he received from Hov.

“Shit just falls into place. When its right, its not wrong,” he tells us.

Be sure to stay tuned to for new shit from Vic Mensa. Check out one of his previous videos here.

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