Us Vs Them: Forward Progress by Confucius Jones

Written by Confucius Jones

I hate cold weather. I was born in Texas so a sunny a day is every much apart of my DNA as is BBQ and traffic. Cold weather just seems to disrespect time itself by causing everything it touches to stop in its tracks. There are no children outside laughing. There are no birds chirping. No BBQ grills going. Cold weather just comes around to remind everyone that it can, and will, fuck up your plans and make you extremely uncomfortable.

In life, sometimes people can be like cold weather. No respect for anyone else’s time or plans. Their mere presence makes others want to hide indoors away from them. The difference from cold weather to people is something we stole without permission in the Garden Of Eden, free will. We can’t control the weather but we can control our actions without pause. Cold weather, at its most extreme, can stop everything in its Us Vs Them: Forward Progress by Confucius Jonestracks. Pausing progress of any kind wherever it goes. People can do the same in their own selfish ways. In my 27 years of living I’ve seen people whose actions and personality resemble that of extreme cold weather. To be fair, all of us have the ability to act like cold weather but some never allow the sun to shine no matter what the situation. Some only use their ability to drag others down to empower themselves. The problem those of us with a “sunny deposition” face is thinking the sun can cancel out the cold people in the world. Remember that the sun shines even in a snowstorm, you just can’t see it. Is it worth it trying to turn a snow storm into a sunny day when no matter how extreme the storm the snow will eventually melt anyway? Some say wait it out until that moment and some will stand, foolishly, in the cold hoping that the snow and low temperatures won’t affect them. Don’t be naïve ladies and gentlemen. You aren’t made to survive the inordinate frigid souls of those who only hope to freeze everything around them like their kin in the clouds.
Yesterday, Fresh and I all but finalized the structure of the Us Vs. Them podcast. We sat and discussed the flow of the show, timed ourselves, and added some new ideas to places that were blank last week. The podcast will be a game changer for the hip-hop generation if we stick to our morals and goals. This world is unforgiving and bleak like cold weather. It’s easy to be distracted by the pointless gossip and braggadocio society we live in today. But all of those negatives won’t shield you, or keep you safe and warm, from the cold weather that will all must face. Whether it be something in the news that affects you and you don’t know. Or someone close to you who is keeping your gaze off what’s important because they themselves are nothing but a harmful blizzard. In time we hope to be that shelter or sunlight for you all out there. For the Game Of Throne fans out there, winter is coming, and we are ready for it.
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