TV Everywhere: What’s needed to cut through the clutter

TV Everywhere: What’s needed to cut through the clutter
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Everything about the concept of “TV Everywhere” seems like a win-win: Pay TV customers enjoy the benefit of access to their subscription content on a variety of devices, at no additional cost; TV networks and MVPDs give customers one less reason to look for entertainment outside the pay TV ecosystem. But some 5 years into the evolution of TV Everywhere, a majority of pay TV customers who are eligible to use it, don’t do so on a regular basis.

Hub’s annual study shows that for those who use it, TVE continues to deliver:

  • Higher satisfaction: 73% of all TVE users say that having TVE available makes them feel more positive about their TV provider
  • Better perceived value: 71% of frequent TVE users rate their Pay TV subscription as an excellent or good value (compared to 47% of non-users)
  • Lower churn: 84% of frequent TVE users say they’ll continue to have service from their Pay TV provider a year from now (compared to 66% of non-users)

TVE offers a wide range of benefits to pay TV customers: a deep catalog, viewing on all devices, fastest access to the newest shows, and it’s free. But even so, many viewers who could use TV Everywhere don’t.

The research suggests three key steps that can drive adoption:

  • 1. Do more to boost awareness: 53% of customers who have never used TVE say they didn’t know the capability existed
  • 2. Correct misconceptions: Even though it’s free, 54% of those who have never used TVE assume it costs extra
  • 3. Make TVE simpler: TVE is delivered across a variety of apps and sites, from networks and from MVPDs, all with different interfaces and standard for availability. Half of viewers (49%) say this extra layer of complexity stops them from using TVE, and another 49% say they choose simpler options for viewing TV online (like Netflix or Hulu).

“One of the challenges for TV Everywhere is that there’s no consistent interface, process, or even brand name,” said Peter Fondulas, principal at Hub and one of the authors of the study. “Instead, it’s available from a variety of sites and apps—and customers don’t have a clear idea of which ones are included or how each works. In an environment where simplicity and consistency rule, TV Everywhere, for many customers, is too much to wrap their heads around.”

“Viewers follow the content they want to watch, and collectively networks and MVPDs offer the fastest access to the newest shows,” added Jon Giegengack of Hub. “One thing that will drive adoption is clearer communication of this attractive value proposition—and touting it as a strong competitive advantage. Another is a simpler experience—more consistent and predictable, across the range of network and MVPD apps viewers can access as part of TV Everywhere.”

About this Research
“TV Everywhere” is an annual tracking study from Hub Research. The 2015 survey included 1,202 US TV viewers with broadband, ages 16 to 74. An excerpt of the report is available as a free download from Hub Entertainment Research. The data was collected in December 2015.

About Hub Entertainment Research
Hub Entertainment Research is a market-research firm with deep expertise in television, movie, videogame, music, publishing, and sports—anywhere that entertainment and new technology overlap. Our work includes The Hub Reports: an annual series of 6 syndicated studies that track key behaviors of TV consumers, and enable decision-makers to anticipate the biggest risks and opportunities in a rapidly changing marketplace. For more information, please visit us at

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