The Evolution of the Batmobile – Presented by Endurance Vehicle…

The Evolution of the Batmobile – Presented by Endurance Vehicle


The Bat is Back! He’s been played by many dashing actors, battled a colorful variety of villainous ne’er do wells, and spanned a legacy of comic books and pop culture for over 75 years. And now, the cape and cowl-clad superhero returns to the cinema, this time to battle the world’s other most famous caped crusader, Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But no matter whom the Dark Knight aims his quest for justice at, there is one thing this hero always keeps ready to go…the Batmobile.

Over the decades on film, Batman’s vehicle of choice has been the envy of fans the world over. But what makes this franchise so unique, is that no live action Batman has been behind the same set of wheels. From the heavily rebuilt Lincoln Futura to some of the most outlandish movie vehicles from state-of-the-art Hollywood production designers, every incarnation of Gotham City’s caped crusader has sped through the roads of justice to take on the bad guys in style.

These vehicles are no run-of-the-mill stunt props, they are all fully customized machines specifically made to allow Batman (or the actor portraying him) to strike fear in the hearts of even the most dastardly villains. While each vehicle is different, they do come equipped with a few standard features including: the capability of high speeds, protection from damage proofing measures, and armed with all manner of criminal deterrents. Each vehicle is also a reflection of which version of Batman has graced big and small screens alike. From the swinging ’60s Batman of Adam West to the brooding anti-hero of Michael Keaton all the way to Christian Bale’s vengeful crusader and now Ben Affleck’s seasoned superhero smasher, each car is designed to evoke and embody its respective version of Batman.

As possibly the most prolific of the superheroes beyond the Man of Steel, Superman himself, audiences around the globe and of all ages have enjoyed a number of Batman’s live action adventures over the years. But the Batman has been around longer than many of his fans.

To celebrate the release of the all-new film, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice – in theaters March 25, 2016, Endurance Vehicle Protection has created an exciting infographic highlighting all of the on-screen incarnations of the infamous Batmobile, complete with more interesting facts and trivia than can fit in the hero’s utility belt.

Suit up and learn more about the hero’s classic set of wheels. For example: Many fans don’t know that the latest Batmobile has been road tested to hit 205 miles-per-hour, or that the stylized car from Batman Forever actually uses a Chevy 350 ZZ3 high-performance motor? Any fan of the Dark Knight will surely enjoy the Evolution of the Batmobile sponsored by Endurance.

Unfortunately, most drivers don’t have the resources of Gotham’s richest citizen, like a dedicated sidekick and butler ensuring their Bat-garbed vehicles stay in working order. And while he may be fearless, even the Dark Knight knows that vehicle breakdowns can be just as terrifying as encountering any comic book super villain. Don’t wait until your car breaks down and the auto warranty has expired, use the Bat-Signal to call Endurance Vehicle Protection, here to save drivers from the horror of expensive auto repairs!

To view the entire Evolution of the Batmobile infographic, please visit and enjoy Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in theaters March 25th!

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The Evolution of the Batmobile – Presented by Endurance Vehicle…

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