In order for us to better give our audience informative and great music, we’ve outlined a few steps to better aid us when reviewing your submissions.

1. Include a photo or cover art associated with your song, mixtape, video or album.
2. Include a brief description of the song, mixtape, video or album.
3. Please include your song or mixtape hosted on a service such as SoundCloud or AudioMack. Sending us the embed code is a plus. Do not send us just the MP3.
4. Including where you are from is also a plus.
5. Please don’t tweet us your links.
6. Please include all of your Social Media links along with your submission.
7. Include a brief bio about yourself.

We accept submissions of all kinds. From Poetry, Art, Graffiti, Photography, Business, Kickstarter campaigns, Comedy, Film, Fashion, Lookbooks, Gaming & Tech. We accept submissions of all types of music.

Submit us your ART! All forms of art is welcome.

If you’re looking to guest write, please email us for further details.

Our email is music[at]

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