STS x RJD2 – Hold On, Here It Go (Video)

STS x RJD2 - Hold On, Here It Go (Video)

STS x RJD2 – Hold On, Here It Go (Video)

Whoa. I enjoy when I across new lyricists. Especially the ones who drop knowledge. And I get that on the new video Hold On, Here It Go from STS x RJD2. Read more about the release below:

Money can buy the finer things in life – shoes, clothes, a dream car, and most importantly – a home. In the visual for their debut single “Hold On, Here It Go,” RJD2 and STS, aka Sugar Tongue Slim, team up with director Pat Murray to tell a hard-hitting story relatable to millions of households across America today. The video, which premiered via VICE, shows an eager teenager dreaming of those finer things with a humble shoebox of his savings, only to sacrifice his desires to support his family in an ultimate act of selflessness. “Hold On, Here It Go” is off their upcoming RJD2 x STS album, which releases May 5th. 

The audio for the single was premiered by Rolling Stone, who said the duo’s “jubilant first single, ‘Hold On, Here It Go,’ recorded with classical collective Bohemian Dub Orchestra, provides an euphoric counterpoint to STS’s politically-minded lyrics.” Describes RJ, “Rarely do I cut a track and get the goosebumps, slam dunk type feeling RIGHT away, but it happened on this one. The chorus was fly, with the horns and the drums in the pocket… The only way to go for the verses was to take it all the way down-no rhythm section at all. To give it some momentum, the chord changes keep shifting up octaves every 8/16 bars or so. Definitely one of my proudest moments ever making rap music. This was one of the first songs that we cut where I stood back was like, WOW, this cat Jordan can sing his ASS off!”

Dude actually reminds me of 3 stacks. Which is a good thing. Check out STS x RJD2‘s Hold On, Here It Go. What did you think of this song/video?

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