Social Media The Right Way For Musicians

Social Media The Right Way For Musicians

Everyone is on social media. Individuals, celebrities, personalities, brands, companies, and yes, even musicians. But that doesn’t mean they all use it for the same reasons, or that they use it the same way. Musicians specifically need a certain style when using social media, especially when the purpose is to boost their popularity.

So how exactly is a musician supposed to use social media? No doubt the rules are different. But much like the social media marketing schemes of brands and businesses, there still isn’t a clear cut, sure fire way for musicians to use social media for certain success. There are a few tricks of the trade however that might just get you started.

Social Media The Right Way For Musicians

Using videos

Musicians make music (duh) and so your run-of-the-mill text post might not necessarily tell people what your sound is all about. Musicians who have gotten involved in the social media whirlwind have taken advantage of videos to boost their popularity. It takes time to put together a good video, especially if you want it to be new and fresh. Give your audiences a taste of your best performances, a little sneak peek of your new single, or just you talking to them. It is about being social, and we all agree that when our favorite artists makes that video update, we make sure to watch it on the dot.

Ask fans for help

When you have your fans on a social media site, it’s important to understand the main reason why they’re there. It’s not because they’re solely after your music (it was probably just an afterthought that they followed you), it’s about being social. So why not get in on that? Fans love it when artists ask for help, so don’t be shy and go on asking. Maybe you have a new show somewhere, maybe you’re releasing a new album, or you’re thinking up a new song. Ask your subscribers to help out with the content of your latest activities and maybe give them a little something in return (concert tickets would be great.)

Bloggers are a good bet

You can try getting the word out about yourself by contacting people who are popular just cause. Bloggers are much more keen on running contests and are great at handling (and influencing) their followers. It doesn’t matter if they’re primarily a music blog, all that matters is that you get the word out. And what do they ask for in return? Paying for ads might work.

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