Snoop Dogg finds his first victim for his new show ‘Clout Chasers’

Snoop Dogg Presents: Clout Chasers - Coming Soon!

Snoop Dogg Presents: Clout Chasers – Coming Soon!

Snoop Dogg is an OG in the game so he’s seen it all and done done it all. (Not a typo.) Recently it seems as if the legend was caught up in a cheating scandal with Celina Powell. But turns out, she was baited into a pilot for a new show called Clout Chasers. Read more below:

Clout Chasers Episode 1 coming soon. The series investigates the tangled dark truth of Clout Chasers – individuals trying to get famous off other people’s names and efforts by utilizing social media to create fake realities. 

Hosted by Snoop Dogg, the “docu-reality” looks to detangle the motivation and psychology behind this world, through real stories and real scenarios. With the platform of social media, a whole new group of extortionists have emerged.

/klout ˈCHāsər/  
a person who strategically associates them self with the success of a popular person or a current contemporary trend to gain fame and attention. This personality disorder is often resembled as “riding the
wave” without concern for damage or integrity.

So for everyone coming at Snoop Dogg about his cheating allegations, looks like it was a false alarm. But just for one second imagine Snoop covered his tracks by creating a new TV show around real life cheating. Legendary either way.

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