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Detroit artist Silence is The Noise drops off her single Black empowered single ‘Nappy’

Silence is the Noise – Nappy (Audio)

As I’m coming around to getting my inbox to zero, I came across this new track from Detroit artist Silence is the Noise who dropped the melanated Nappy within the past month. This came out at the right time. Read more about the new track below:

“Nappy” is considered to be a love song for Black women. As a Black woman herself who is all too aware of the lack of positive representation and affirmation of their beauty, it was vital that she writes a song that could not only inspire but uplift not just black women in her life, but Black women in general. The physical features of black women that have historically been derided by white supremacy are what make black women uniquely who they are, and this song both proclaims and reclaims that with pride. The first thing Jewell completed was the piano composition, then lyrics and vocals with Anthoney Charaman helping her bring “Nappy” to life and further enrich the sound.

Stream Nappy from Silence is the Noise down bottom.

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