Serious Pimp Records artist “Baby Eazy E” (Son of Legendary Eazy-E)…

Serious Pimp Records artist “Baby Eazy E” (Son of Legendary Eazy-E)…

Westcoast G-House Compilation

I’ve always been a fan of Eazy-E and NWA and it was an honor to be able to work with his son, Baby Eazy-E, on this historic project. – Ryan Collins

According to the label’s spokesperson, CEO, Damian Kutzner, Serious Pimp Records is very pleased to finally see Baby Eazy-E (Eazy E’s Son) lay down vocals that sound just like his Dad’s to finalize “Westcoast G-House Compilation” album set to Release March 29th 2016.

“Serious Pimp Records represents a new movement in music called G-House or what Serious Pimp Records feel is more important ‘Westcoast Gangsta House’. Our goal is to bring the best of two worlds together under one track. “One being Gangster Rap and the other is EDM/House Music,” said Kutzner.

Serious Pimp Records label says that history repeats itself and this new generation needs an identity to attach to. Just like the 80’s music or 70’s music each generation needs an attachment. “We feel that Serious Pimp Records has an edge to this new genre of G-House (Gangsta House) as the Original OG’s who started Gangster Rap such as NWA, Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, DPG etc are all in our backyard here in California. So that gives our label the edge with the style and feel of California says (CEO) Damian Kutzner.

The new “Westcoast G-House Compilation” album, which has as on it Ryan Collins, Clyde P aka CPG, Dr. Fresch, Thee Cool Cats, Bijou & Baby Eazy-E was recorded in Snoop Dogg’s World Famous Doggystyle Studio in Orange County, CA.

Ryan Collins joining Serious Pimp Records as A&R and management for the label’s EDM division brought a team together. We are very proud of his work & excited for not only this album release but the future releases Ryan’s working on with the label to bring for future album releases & bangers.

“I’ve always been a fan of Eazy-E and NWA and it was an honor to be able to work with his son, Baby Eazy-E, on this historic project. I think it was important to have this synergy between old school west coast gangster rap and the new school g house sound. Putting the compilation together including my 2 featured tracks ‘Eazy-er Said Than Done’ and ‘F*ck The Police’ with Baby Eazy-E, I tried to keep that in mind, and include artists who I felt exemplified the west coast style.” – Ryan Collins

Serious Pimp Records has brought together top talent worldwide for this new West Coast G-House Compilation release March 29, 2016.

“I grew up on West coast Hip Hop and that is reflected in the music I write. Eazy-E and NWA have had a major impact on the pursuit of my passion. My dad met Eazy back in the day and had a chance to work with him, so bringing that full circle was a great experience. It was a pleasure working with Baby Eazy-E on the ‘F*ck The Police’ remix and it is something I will never forget.” – BIJOU

“When we were asked to join the team for the project, we got so excited with just the thought of some of our favorite music being given new life. We knew right away it would be something special. Just working on the ‘Eazy Does It’ remix and listening back to the original gave us so much inspiration for our music. It was also great to be a part of something this historic with some of the best talent in g-house.” – Thee Cool Cats

“My goal in remixing ‘Gangsta Gangsta‘ was to find an intersection point between hip hop and a style of electronic music that was a comprehensive representation of every element of the Dr. Fresch brand. I kept the track at 105 BPM to preserve the integrity of Baby E’s verses (and the original of course), so my instrumental perspective became a crossbreed between slowed-down G-House and indie electro. I am constantly finding inventive ways to inject hip-hop into the realm of electronic music. I hope all my fans buzz off this remix as much as I have! So excited for this release!” – Dr. Fresch

“I’ve been listening to westcoast music from g-funk to gangsta rap since I was a young boy and ‘Boys In The Hood’ was my favorite Eazy-E track. When I received the original cover acapella from E3, the son of legendary Eazy-E, it was so much fun to compose. Mixing house with gangsta rap original vocals is the perfect mix for a G-House track. E3 brings the perfect G to this house music! I had a great feel for his west coast style when we premiered our first track together ‘My 64‘ at Exchange Nightclub in Los Angeles this past November which has set the tone for us to collaborate on our next EP album coming soon. I’m also happy to announce the release of my new moniker name ‘CP-G’ thru this collaboration of Gangster House Music with Serious Pimp Records.” – Clyde P (aka CP-G)

“With the Serious Pimp Records album showcasing G-House pioneers CP-G (aka Clyde P), Dr. Fresch, Thee Cool Cats, Ryan Collins, & Bijou, we feel confident the G-House movement is now set for NEW California Gangster Rap style into the EDM/G-House space,” said Damian Kutzner.


Serious Pimp Records Ltd is an independent record label, artist management and tour promotion company based in Orange County, CA. The company focuses on Rap, Hip Hop, Gangsta House, EDM, and Jazz; re-launching both established artists and breaking talented, young artists. The company also operates a state-of-the-art music and video production and post-production facility in Orange County founded by CEO Damian Kutzner. The label has attracted experienced, highly regarded producers, marketing executives, and production staff. For more information, visit

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Serious Pimp Records artist “Baby Eazy E” (Son of Legendary Eazy-E)…

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