SenCBuds, The World’s First Smart Sensing Technology Earbuds, Launches…

SenCBuds, The World’s First Smart Sensing Technology Earbuds, Launches

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SenCbuds will take your audio experience to the next level for people who take their music seriously and want superior quality

SenCbuds, the World’s First Smart Sensing Technology Earbuds, has launched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

SenCbuds use Smart Sense Technology (SST), a small sensor embedded in the earbud, to play and pause music and video with sensors, not manual controls. When SenCbuds are placed in the ears, the sensor triggers playback, when they are removed, the sensor stops the audio. Traditional earbuds have always relied on buttons to play or pause music, SenCbuds rely on actions.

“The way we listen to music has come a long way and SenCbuds are here to take it to the next level,” said Dhaval Tanna, CEO of SenCbuds. “Finally you will no longer have to use your smartphone to control your music. SenCbuds will do it intuitively for you.”

SenCbuds come with a convenient cable holder and remote component that houses the earbuds and enables manual playback controls for changing music and answering calls.

SenCbuds are compatible with Android/iOS phones that can be used seamlessly between any mobile platform and can last two weeks on a single battery charge. A “Do Not Disturb” function is also available in the SenCbuds Plus model where an LED light is activated to alert others that the user is busy.

“SenCbuds will take your audio experience to the next level for people who take their music seriously and want superior quality,” added Tanna.

SenCbuds offer a next-gen solution for a problem users have all experienced. Whether running or working and unable to hit pause/play, there’s finally a solution that’s smart enough to recognize the situation a user is in.

For more information on SenCbuds, visit the Indiegogo campaign page and

About SenCbuds
Vivnnovation Limited, based in Auckland, New Zealand, is a technology startup focused on streamlining and advancing consumer electronics via prospective new technologies. Created and managed by entrepreneur Dhaval Tanna, the company operates on a global scale, with footholds in numerous emerging markets. Vivnnovation Limited leverages global partnerships to design and cultivate products that are uniquely innovative, to meet the evolving needs of consumers in technology-centric industries. The company’s flagship venture, SenCbuds, are an intuitive step forward in the realm of modern earbuds.

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