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Sbvce ft. #YungBrehh x #Baegod – Cornballs (Audio)

Sbvce ft. #YungBrehh x #Baegod – Cornballs (Audio)

The singer/rapper Maryann and rapper Takticz better known as the #Baegod and #Yungbrehh drop off the new Sbvce produced single Cornballs. The single is featured on the upcoming EP from producer Sbvce, who’s worked on a number of singles from Maryann and Takticz.

The most recent of them being Maryann’s single Side Buster featuring Waka Flocka Flame and A Wax and Takticz’ Mouth Full of Shotty also featuring Maryann.

Check out Sbvce‘s new single Cornballs featuring Maryann and Takticz and leave a comment below.

Sbvce ft. #YungBrehh x #Baegod - Cornballs (Audio)

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