Russell Westbrook Responds to Allen Iverson’s Compliment

Russell Westbrook Responds to Allen Iverson’s Compliment

OKC’s Russell Westbrook responds to a compliment that Allen Iverson aka The Answer left him, stating that he was one of Westbrook’s biggest fans. Read more on this interview with VladTV below:

In today’s NBA you would hear a lot of criticism on how soft the game is officiated and how players flop a lot, but in Russell Westbrook’s case, he was complimented by one of the NBA’s most influential players ever, and a former MVP. In this exclusive footage, Westbrook gets word from a member of the media that he has a fan of sorts, former NBA MVP Allen Iverson. Westbrook, who was gracious of the compliments from Iverson, wasn’t a huge basketball fan growing up but still thinks it’s pretty awesome to have an icon speak on behalf of his name.

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