Ripp Flamez Roams the Cleveland Streets Late at Night in New Video for “Forever”

Ripp Flamez – Forever (Video)

Ripp Flamez drops the new video Forever, from his album DayOne Forever. Read more about this video’s release:

Armed with his trademark melodicism, his squad, and a bottle of Henny, Ripp Flamez takes to the late-night Cleveland streets in his video for “Forever,” the opening track on his new album DayOne Forever. Considered the deepest and most personal song on his project, Ripp opens up about his father passing while in jail and his brother getting free. “I miss my homies, I miss my pops,” explains Ripp. “While I’m not on a mainstream level yet, in my life, my world, my city, I’m considered successful. I’ve waited all my life for this and the people I want to share it with aren’t here to share it. Normally, the intro track is overlooked but this song is especially important to me so I wanted to make a dope visual for it.”

Check out Forever from Cleveland rapper Ripp Flamez and drop a comment down below.

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