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Rexx Life Raj calls out Fake Friends In Artistically Daring New Music Video

Rexx Life Raj - Not My Friend (Video)

Rexx Life Raj – Not My Friend (Video)

Not My Friend is one of Rexx Life Raj‘s most relatable tracks. When you’re on your grind to the top, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of weak friendships. The new video is featured on his latest project Father Figure 2: Flourish. Read more about the new video:

Rexx Life Raj is one of the most promising rising artists on the West Coast. In “Not My Friend,” Raj takes a deep look at the trappings of fame, observing the changing behaviors of those he thought he knew well and bemoaning the loneliness at the top of the world. Crooning a mournful hook in-between doubletime rap verses, the song perfectly fits the mood of the instrumental created by Cisco Cortez, Mr. Carmack, Ian McKee, Wax Roof & Mikos Da Gawd, a cadre of the Bay Area’s most innovative minds. In the video, premiered by Nest HQ, Raj sits alone in a symmetrical, stylish apartment as various figures materialize, including dancing models and ordinary dudes, who dance atop the apartment’s u-shaped couch and shallow reflecting pool. “Not My Friend” is a highlight from Father Figure 2: Flourish, Rexx’s recent critically acclaimed album.

Watch Not My Friend from Rexx Life Raj below.

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