Rexx Life Raj Explores the Foundations of Greatness in “Young Wardell,” A Tribute to Steph Curry

Rexx Life Raj – Young Wardell (Audio)

This is probably my new favorite underground track at the moment for someone I hate. Berkeley rapper Rexx Life Raj drops a new infectious track called Young Wardell, a Steph Curry tribute which explores what it takes to be great. I don’t like Steph but I like this song. Read more about the song here:

When the Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry steps on a basketball court, incredible things happen. He pulls off seemingly impossible plays, like game-winning halfcourt shots, no-look behind-the-back passes and off-balance three pointers, with effortless ease. However, Berkeley rapper Rexx Life Raj reminds us that Curry was once merely a kid shooting hoops in his backyard on his woozy Ian McKee-produced new track, “Young Wardell,” premiered by SF Weekly. A former athlete himself, Rexx Life Raj understands the mindset required to succeed in sports and music, applying the same work ethic to his rhymes and melodies as a professional athlete puts into his game. Explains Rexx Life Raj, “I made this track to pay homage to the yellow-god Wardell ‘Steph’ Curry! Steph was never the biggest nor most athletic player on the court. He became great by continually perfecting his craft and taking shots, literally. Every shot is a risk. It’s not a guaranteed bucket, but you’ll never know until you shoot. On the track ‘Young Wardell,’ I used the metaphor of Steph taking shots to symbolize that you have to take a chance in whatever you do. You have to risk not making it to know if you can.”

Check out Young Wardell from Rexx Life Raj and leave a comment with your thoughts on this new song!

Rexx Life Raj - Young Wardell (Audio)

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