Revolutionizing Social Media: Tuurnt App

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Today, there are hundreds of great social media apps, which allow users to add or make new friends, connect with new people, and share their personal photos and videos with people they like and so on. Today, we’re bringing everyone news of a new way to socialize with family and friends via the Tuurnt app. People may consider this to be simply another social media app in the already saturated environment, but this not the case. Tuurnt has added many new capabilities to a revolutionary new social media app. Here is a brief introduction of the unique idea.

The first and the most obvious question which people ask about Tuurnt is what is Tuurnt and why should they use Tuurnt if they already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat? Before answering this question, we need to understand what a social network website is. According to a standard and agreed-upon definition, a social networking website is a website where people connect with each other by sharing their personal interests and data. Now according to this definition, many popular social media sites are not considered to be social. They have just become a platform where people post random pictures and videos. Most of the time, people do not even know their so-called ‘friends’. They just add them and then are bound to see all of their irrelevant and annoying stuff. Tuurnt app brings users the capability to go beyond just liking and commenting on posts. Most of the popular social media sites have lost the essence of socialization; they have everything except real socialization. It’s fair to say most of the social media websites have lost their pure excitement. For some people, social media sites have become a prison, where they spend all the day staring at walls and getting poked by the web users they don’t even know. Similarly, many people hate their shocking privacy settings; and many others believe that their once favored social media apps have lost their true meaning and purpose. This is where the Tuurnt app comes into the scene.

Tuurnt not only allows users to watch, comment or like a photo or a video, but also, it brings back the real meaning of social in social media. It brings interaction to an entirely new level. Like other social media apps, Tuurnt enables users to watch, like and comment on a photo or a video. What makes Tuurnt truly different from other social media apps is its new concept of being able to reply directly to a photo and a video while everyone is watching. Tuurnt will bring a unique way of participating and interacting with a friend’s photo or video, by connecting and allowing users to comment or attach media, which will create a video sequence, called Tuurnt. Every user will have 24 hours to participate in a Tuurnt video with one reply each. In this way, people can create a video sequence with their friends and family members in a new and more fun manner. We understand the annoyance of always watching the photos and videos with no participation or socialization. If people want to connect with their friends, where they can contribute beyond leaving a comment or liking a picture or a video, then they must give Tuurnt a try. Download Tuurnt app today to discover the real meaning of socialization.

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Revolutionizing Social Media: Tuurnt App

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