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Ray Rizzle – In Due Time (Mixtape)

Ray Rizzle – In Due Time (Mixtape)

With Alabama being a deep Southern state and not being exploited like other Southern states, it’s hard to catch wind of good artists from there. And if you do catch one, most aren’t the full package or don’t stay true to the sound of where they’re from.

Ray Rizzle has different plans though. He releases his new mixtape In Due Time, looking to bring some shine to his state. Read more about the release below:

Huntsville native Ray Rizzle is here to make noise releasing his highly anticipated début project entitled “In Due Time”, featuring some of Alabama’s top rap artists including ST 2 Lettaz, Grilly and Jay Dot Rain. With a distinguished voice and hearty lyrical content, Ray presents a unique sound with tracks such as “Sometimes” & “Pablo Picasso” that will draw the listener in and have them craving more. “In Due Time” is definitely worth an honest, thorough listen. So open your ears, close your eyes, and let Ray Rizzle paint a mental picture of the “come up” through the eyes of a young, hungry MC. Listen to his message and support the movement.

If you’re into Southern Rap that isn’t on the bullshit, then take a listen to Ray Rizzle‘s mixtape In Due Time.

Here’s a video to accompany the mixtape.

Ray Rizzle - In Due Time (Mixtape)

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