Raury – Indigo Child (Mixtape Review)

Raury – Indigo Child (Mixtape)

I been gone for a sec but I’m back at it like girl cats in heat. I’ve been marinating on a project from Raury titled Indigo Child.

If u haven’t caught on, here at Trillmatic.com we don’t post things we don’t like and this is no exception. I’m in love with this joint. It mixes the beats and swag of a Kanye album with the heart and raw feelings of a Kid Cudi album.

It’s rare that I get to put on a mixtape and hear the polished sound this one has, definite banger and if you’re looking for specific songs check out Gods Whisper, Armor and my favorite is Wildfire takes me back to my mid teens and early N.E.R.D.

Listen to Raury – Indigo Child! Don’t be late…

Raury - Indigo Child (Mixtape Review)

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