Stream Flint, Michigan rapper Prox Centauri’s new mixtape “High​-​Speed Aethernet”

Prox Centauri – High​-​Speed Aethernet (Mixtape Stream)

Michigan is known for keeping a slew of spitters in their repertoire, with most coming from Detroit.

But Flint, Michigan isn’t one to be slept on either. Prox Centauri‘s debut mixtape High​-​Speed Aethernet is out and features a rapper who naturally comes with a decent pen game. Read more about the new mixtape below:

Prox’s style is the result of his innate desire to catalog and diagram the complexities of the human experience while utilizing his love for deep, substantive lyrics. According to ancient Platonist philosophy, Aether is the ineffable fifth element that is said to act as the threading that unifies our experience. This illusive substance has been described throughout history with great reverence, despite our limited understanding of its official origins and purpose. When Aether is juxtaposed with eastern ideas about the Akashic Records, Indra’s Net, and interconnectedness, we begin to see the emergent framework of a potentially universal credo that addresses the mystical forces at play and our abilities to access them.

Stream High​-​Speed Aethernet from Prox Centauri on BandCamp below.

Prox Centauri - High​-​Speed Aethernet (Mixtape Stream)

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