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ProbCause – Same Thing (Video)

ProbCause – Same Thing (Video)

Chicago emcee and graffiti artist ProbCause drops his new animated music video Same Thing. Read more about this new music video below:

Chicago-bred Graffiti artist-turned-graphic designer ProbCause used his art school education to further enhance his music by creating an animated video for “Same Thing,” a single produced by Drew Mantiafrom the A3C Volume 5 album. “I grew up drawing and was always attracted to graffiti,” ProbCause explained to Mass Appeal for the premiere post. “I started painting pretty young but got arrested a few too many times. The worst situation that happened was when I was 17 or so and got caught with a bunch of cans and was charged with pretty much every tag within a three block radius. It basically got to a point where I was putting my college scholarship on the line if I got arrested again, so I decided to chill out a little bit in my 20’s.”

Check out ProbCause‘s video Same Thing and drop a comment below.


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