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Philly native Dahi Devine debuts new single ‘Outro/Sway My Way’

Dahi Devine – Outro/Sway My Way (Audio)

There’s more going on in Philly than Meek Mill. And the City of Brotherly Love artist known as Dahi Devine aims to show you a different side. The two in one single comes from his upcoming project Soundsmith, and comes on the heels of his MTV performance with Rihanna.

The track opens with the second part of a three-part, neo-soul piano movement in Outro, the track leads into the meat Sway My Way, featuring Gabriel Wolf and Jill Ryan. Read more about the track from Dahi below:

“[‘Sway My Way’] speaks on all the things I have come to learn as a person who is trying to make it as an artist… It’s a funky uptempo song that brings a lively soulful party vibe to my upcoming ‘Soundsmith’ project,  which tells the story of finding my way as a saxophonist and composer in New York and moving back home in Philly to pursue my dreams, surrounded by family and ‘day one’ supporters.” – Dahi Divine

Check out Dahi Devine‘s Outro/Sway My Way featuring vocals from Gabriel Wolf and Jill Ryan and let us know what you think in the comments down bottom!

Dahi Devine - Outro/Sway My Way (Audio)


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