Out Now: Andrew Rayel Featuring Kristina Antuna, Once In A Lifetime Love

Out Now: Andrew Rayel Featuring Kristina Antuna, Once In A Lifetime Love

Andrew Rayel featuring Kristina Antuna, “Once In A Lifetime Love” – artwork

Andrew Rayel is arguably the hottest electronic dance music DJ and producer of his generation.

A musical genius. The future of trance music. A modern-day Mozart. These are just some of the many superlatives oft used to describe Andrew Rayel, arguably the hottest electronic dance music DJ and producer of his generation. Known for his soaring trance-music sound, Rayel’s latest single, Andrew Rayel featuring Kristina Antuna, “Once In A Lifetime Love” (Armind), is out now.

The Original Mix of “Once In A Lifetime Love” is progressive and a tad slower in tempo than some longtime fans might expect. A sexy, syncopated, percussive intro accented with high-hats and snares snaps the listener to attention while special effects fire aural lasers into the abyss. The thrilling intro delves straight into a dazzling synthesized piano riff as Antuna’s vocal arrives right away. Rayel deftly builds this very radio-friendly song until it explodes into the chorus with music that’s simultaneously soaring and resonating. The Radio Edit illustrates what a tightly constructed song this is as Rayel gives the festival and club crowds exactly what they want. “Once In A Lifetime Love” has the pop-conscious sensibility producers all strive for, though he perhaps does it better. The Radio Edit loses the percussive intro and digs right into the piano riff, seemingly a bit gooier and more dramatic on this edit. Antuna’s vocal enters immediately thereafter with its elevating, optimistic vibe. This song captures the mood of carefree youth as all worries are temporarily forgotten on the dancefloor. Rayel has the ability to heal the collective human soul and he positively commands the sun to shine by sheer force of will, giving every ounce of his physical energy when he performs. As spring gives way to summer, the kids want songs they can actually sing along to, all the better if the song has a big, bouncey breakdown. Rayel knows what his audiences want and “Once In A Lifetime Love” will likely become a summer festival anthem for 2016.

Hailed by Armin van Buuren as “the future of trance music,” Andrew Rayel (real name: Andrei Rata) is a classically trained electronic dance music (EDM) DJ and producer from Moldova often referred to as the “modern-day Mozart.” With a single-minded focus on composing the most influential electronic dance music possible, Rayel’s last full-length studio album, Find Your Harmony (Armada Music), was a critically praised collection of 18 tracks characterized by gem after gem. Noteworthy singles by Andrew Rayel include “Dark Warrior,” “EIFORYA” with Armin van Buuren, “Daylight” featuring Jonny Rose, “Chased” with Mark Sixma and “Winterburn” with Digital X featuring Sylvia Tosun. As a live DJ, Rayel gives a high-octane, physically energetic performance that’s consistent with his young age. Each live DJ set sees Rayel stepping off the stage, hair and shirt drenched in sweat from all the jumping and movement. He has performed at Tomorrowland in Belgium; Ultra Music Festival in Miami on the A State of Trance (ASOT) stage; Creamfields in the UK; and Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas. As for glitzy nightclubs, Rayel has graced their numerous stages the world over, including, Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub Las Vegas, Marquee New York and Omnia San Diego. The joy Rayel derives from DJing is so infectious it’s impossible not to fall in love with him each time he takes the decks.

Singer/songwriter Kristina Antuna is a Las Vegas native now based in Los Angeles who’s opened for diverse artists including Imagine Dragons, Train and Cody Simpson. In 2012, Antuna was voted “Best Singer/Songwriter” by the Las Vegas Weekly. Antuna has collaborated with producers including Paul Worley and Brian Kennedy and she is now active in the dance music community with top trance producers including Andrew Rayel and Cosmic Gate. The Andrew Rayel remix of Cosmic Gate & Kristina Antuna’s “Alone” was well received when it was released last year.

Listen to Andrew Rayel featuring Kristina Antuna, “Once In A Lifetime Love,” here: https://ARMD1264.lnk.to/OIALL

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Out Now: Andrew Rayel Featuring Kristina Antuna, “Once In A…

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