Opio x Free the Robots – Stoned Temple Pilot (Audio)

Opio x Free the Robots – Stoned Temple Pilot (Audio)

Opio of the one of the most famed groups within Hip Hop Souls of Mischief linsk up with the L.A. beatsmith Free the Robots for the new boom bap tracks Stoned Temple Pilot. Read more about this release here:

Recorded predominately in a small town in the middle of a redwood grove called Cazadero,Sempervirens is a product of the duo’s time spent along the verdant Northern California coastline. “This time spent away from the chaotic concrete jungles we both live in recharged our batteries and set the stage to create art off of the renewed energy from our inspiring journey,” explains Opio. “I feel like we are both going through a re-birth,” adds Free the Robots, “and with that, we both have been able to create with no expectations; just open minds” Splitting their time between Cazadero and the Sonoma and Mendocino County coasts while deep in the recording process proved to be a fertile creative landscape to shape the album. The title, Sempervirens, comes from the ‘Sequoia Sempervirens,’ which is the scientific name for the giant redwood tree. The term ‘sempervirens’ also means “always living.”

Check out Opio x Free the RobotsStoned Temple Pilot and leave your feedback in the comments.

Opio x Free the Robots - Stoned Temple Pilot (Audio)

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