OMB Peezy Trades Bars with Yhung T.O. of SOB x RBE in “Talk My Shit”

OMB Peezy featuring Yhung T.O. - Talk My Shit (Video)

OMB Peezy featuring Yhung T.O. – Talk My Shit (Video)

OMB Peezy, the 20-year-old who hails from the West and the South at the same damn time, drops his latest visual Talk My Shit, where he trades bars with Yhung T.O. of SOB x RBE. Read more about the new video here:

When OMB Peezy opens his mouth, a torrent of assonant syllables tumble out, dotting his preferred instrumentals like an abstract painting. On “Talk My Shit,” the 20-year-old rapper shares the spotlight with Yhung T.O. of SOB x RBE, whose rhythmic auto-tune meshes perfectly with Peezy’s whirlwind flow. In the HYPEBEAST-premiered video for “Talk My Shit,” Peezy and T.O. mob with a crew in a warehouse–a rowdy scene intercut with clips of Peezy in a wheelchair and a straitjacket, as well as an unrestrained Peezy rapping in front of a white background. “Talk My Shit” is the opening track from Humble Beginnings, OMB Peezy’s debut project released last fall.

Watch Talk My Shit from OMB Peezy featuring Yhung T.O. down bottom and get the mixtape Humble Beginnings here.

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