OKC artists Ark Noah & Germ tell you why they’re both Lazy Trash with new EP

Ark Noah & Germ – Lazy Trash (EP)

Don’t you hate when overachievers have to put on display how much they’re not lazy? I’ll be honest, some of us don’t give a finuck.

And two guys who don’t have any fucks to give, Ark Noah & Germ wants to world to know that on their new EP Lazy Trash. Read more about this EP here:

In the midst of all the racial tension going on in our society currently, Ark Noah and Germ came together to express why we’re more alike that we would like to admit. Lazy Trash is truly a collaborative project where both MC’s are able to display their strengths. Lazy Trash was exclusively produced by super producer David Marino who has worked with Chris Travis, Fat Nick, and Pro Era. The three tracks; Lazy Trash, Hit A Lick, and Vices all take you on journey guided by uptempo beats and fast paced lyricism that leaves you with need to hit the replay button as well as demanding more. Like the titles of the songs, the content of their music is relatable and straight fwd. Whether they are discussing dealing with the vices of every day life while on the road, or coming up on a new opportunity. They are taking the term “Lazy Trash” and flipping the meaning by being openly vulnerable and putting it all on the table.

Stream Ark Noah & Germ‘s new EP Lazy Trash and drop a comment with your thoughts down below.

Ark Noah & Germ - Lazy Trash (EP)

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