NZCA LINES – New Atmosphere (Video)

NZCA LINES – New Atmosphere (Video)

The London-based artist Michael Lovett known as NZCA LINES sounds nothing like what you may have heard recently. Though the sounds have been described as futuristic, in my opinion, sounds more like a reincarnate of the 80s classics I’ve grown so fond of.

Michael Lovett produced, conceived and directed the video New Atmosphere. The video follows man and woman on what seems to be a uninhabitable planet. Michael Lovett had this to say:

“New Atmosphere” was written after a long night out, as Lovett watched the day dawn over the covered reservoir behind his house. This then lead to “the idea of two people watching the sun rise over a newly terraformed planet.”

Watch New Atmosphere below and leave feedback on what you think of this video.

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