NFL Wide Receiver Hurns Catches Rockwell’s Attention

NFL Wide Receiver Hurns Catches Rockwell’s Attention

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Rockwell (, a U.S.-based luxury lifestyle brand of unique and high-quality watches, apparel and vision ware, today announced its January 2016 winners of “It’s About Time!” 6-month campaign started in December 2015, in which the company, each month through May 2016, gifts Rockwell branded items to individuals demonstrating break-through accomplishments in sports, science or song. Additionally, as part of the “It’s About Time!” campaign, Rockwell recognizes and awards each month three inspiring U.S. Armed Forces veterans, selected from a pool of submitted essays on veterans breaking through from military service to civilian life and positively impacting others.

Hurns, Originally Undrafted, Has Breakthrough Year in His Second NFL Season

The job of a wide receiver is not an easy one – to catch a football, often while defensive players do all they can to distract their offensive adversary or, if need be, issue brutal blows to the body to knock the ball loose. Jacksonville Jaguar wide receiver Allen Hurns demonstrated spectacular concentration and focus from the beginning — his first two catches in his pro debut went for touchdowns, an unprecedented feat. His six touchdowns and 51 catches in 2014 were the fourth-most in history by an undrafted rookie. But those numbers – and his breakthrough performance in 2015 achieving 10 touchdowns and 63 catches for 1031 yards — aren’t even close to being the best part of Hurns’ defying-the-odds story. The 24-year-old receiver spent his wonder years living in poverty in small apartments in some rough Miami neighborhoods, from Carol City to Miramar, with a brutal shooting occurring just across the street from where he lived – one man shot 72 times and the
other 68.

The ability to focus against all odds is not defined just by the willingness of a Jaguars’ receiver to catch passes while absorbing big hits. Hurns’ mental strength is a byproduct of Erica Wilson, who overcame being a single mother of two sons from different fathers as a teenager (she had Allen, her second child, at age 19, and Daryl Wilson at age 15) to provide a stable, loving environment.

If Hurns’ on-the-field accomplishments are not enough to impress, consider the fact that for this past Christmas, he purchased toys for about 40 boys at Jacksonville’s Valor Academy. Hurns performed the same good deed for boys and girls from low-income families at Sunshine Elementary in Miami.

“At the end of the day, it all gives you motivation,” said Hurns, in an interview in late December with Jacksonville-based journalist Gene Frenette. “I feel like there’s nothing I can’t overcome. God puts things in our way to see how we respond to adversity. I’m just a firm believer of showing that people who are less fortunate or are going through things, you can overcome.”

Showing resolve, inspiring vets move forward as civilians after serving the USA

In the essay component of Rockwell’s ‘It’s About Time!’ 6-month campaign, a call for essays asked veterans and those people inspired by veterans to discuss who had inspired them most in their lives, and moving forward in civilian life:

Ray Jakubiak of Naperville, IL, left the U.S. for Vietnam on the fourth of July 1969 and returned to the States a year later July 4, 1970. In his three years in the U.S. Army, Jakubiak, a member of the Green Beret Special Forces, witnessed bravery and courage that helped him put into perspective life after war. To read Jakubiak’s essay click here

Russ Hale, of Billings, MT, thanks a high school football coach when he was growing up in Las Vegas for helping him ignite a passion within him while developing a ‘never-give-up’ attitude – and a sense of humor. Read Hale’s essay by clicking here.

Joey Smith of Lakeland Florida, entered the Marine Corps in 2009 and had a bad reaction to a flu shot. Read how Joey overcame total paralysis, and today is a motocross racer. Click here.

Visit to read the three winning essays and/or learn how to submit an essay, as the ‘call for essays’ continues through May 15, 2016.

Rockwell will, the first week of February 2016, send its Breakthrough in Sports winner Allen Hurns, and U.S. breakthrough veterans Ray Jakubiak, Russ Hale, and Joey Smith each a gift package containing a Rockwell 747 watch of their choice and any pair of Monza sunglasses they pick, and a personal congratulatory message from Rockwell founder Rich Eggett.

‘It’s About Time!’ Essay Dynamics

To determine the pool of qualified U.S. Armed Forces veterans for Rockwell’s “It’s About Time!” campaign, Rockwell has made a ‘call for essays’ in which applicants submit an essay to Rockwell between 500 and 700 words detailing who personally inspired them and/or mentored them by providing a vision for leading an exemplary life – a vision which they otherwise would not have realized on their own. Additionally, applicants should describe the future life vision and goals, which they have for their life. Once winning essays are identified by the company, applicants will be notified and a Rockwell recognition-and-reward gift package will be scheduled to be sent to the essay-winning individuals.

To advance for final review by Rockwell founder Rich Eggett, essays must be between 500 and 700 words and be emailed in either a Microsoft Word Document or Google Document format, to: itsabouttime(at)rockwelltime(dot)com. Additional terms and conditions and submission information can be found at the following Rockwell page.

Applicants sending their essay to Rockwell via either of the above-stated methods must provide: 1) their full name; 2) their email address; 3) the phone number where they can be reached; 4) a jpeg head shot photo of themselves, via email attachment and 5) proof that they previously served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Each essay contestant agrees that in sending Rockwell their essay that they accept that the content of their essay shall become the property of Rockwell. Rockwell reserves the right to publish some or all of the winning essays on the web site, under certain sections and also may be shared with members of the American media.

About Rockwell

Rockwell is a U.S-based luxury lifestyle brand of unique, high quality watches, apparel, and sunglasses, with headquarters in Woods Cross, UT. Rockwell’s entire mission is to provide the very best consumer experience on a range of products at premium quality while demonstrating commitment. Rockwell treats its employees with the utmost respect so that they in turn will provide the highest level of respect to Rockwell partners, retailers, and customers. A portion of every single purchase of Rockwell eyewear is donated to CharityVision, whose mission is to help cure blindness throughout the world.

For more information about Rockwell and the products it brings to market, visit

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NFL Wide Receiver Hurns Catches Rockwell Attention In Company’s…

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