New Jersey Recording Artist Ogunz Releases New Mixtape “Gunzsyle: Hosted by DJ Dnellz”

New Jersey Recording Artist Ogunz Releases New Mixtape “Gunzsyle: Hosted by DJ Dnellz”

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The mixtape features 23 tracks, including those below:
1.    Intro
2.    Godfidence
3.    Put Your Hands Up
4.    Bitch Better Have My Money
5.    One Thing
6.    Holla Back
7.    G’s Up
8.    Ready
9.    Beauty
10.    5am In Jerz
11.    A Tale Of 2 Citiez
12.    Poppin
13.    Guess Who’s Back
14.    Planes ft. Burn
15.    Real Niggaz
16.    Draft Day
17.    Be Real
18.    Throwback
19.    Dead Presidents
20.    Bar’d Up
21.    Yay ft. Moe
22.    Truffle Butter
23.    Outro

Ogunz is currently seeking press opportunities, interviews, features, and more. He can be reached through his official Twitter page.

About Ogunz; When given an excuse to fail, some people accept it and fail, and others feed off it to succeed. Faced with trials and tribulations that would make any man crumble, Malcolm Ogunkoya aka OGUNZ chose the latter. Born with the spirit of a hustler, OGUNZ musical abilities were realized as early as 1998. Natural wordplay abilities coupled with a distinct flow and voice, It didn’t take long for people to take notice of the young rapper from North Brunswick, New Jersey. His reputation as one of the best in the area grew almost as fast penchant for making money. OGUNZ has never been afraid to keep it 100% with his listeners as he takes you through his upbringing, his experiences, and his future plans. By doing this, OGUNZ makes his music relatable to those who grew up with him, those who have experienced the things that he has, and those who share the same aspirations as him.

After a bit of a hiatus, Ogunz is back with his new mixtape, “Gunzstyle”, the long awaited follow-up to his 2012 smash mixtape “Beats Ain’t Safe.” Ogunz has called upon DJ, contributor, and Radio Personality, DJ Dnellz (@DJDNELLZ), to help start summer ‘16 off the right way. A lot has happened in the life of Malcolm Ogunkoya since his last musical release, but the mission has never changed. Ogunz is in the unique position of being a seasoned vet with the hunger of a rookie with everything to prove. “Gunzstyle”, serves as a blank canvas for Ogunz to work his magic over some of the most familiar beats in the industry in a way that we have never heard before. Fans and supporters are already familiar with some of the mixtapes standouts such as “Godfidence”, “Planes ft. Burn”, and “G’s Up.” We can expect this to be the first a of a slew of new music coming from Ogunz and his camp as he already begins to prep “Gunzstyle Vol. 2” and the release of his new single “Payphones.”

“It’s just a different type of glow when you know you’re the God.” For all the latest music by Ogunz, be sure to check out his official Soundcloud page.

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New Jersey Recording Artist Ogunz Releases New Mixtape “Gunzsyle:…

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