Nef The Pharoah keeps the jewelry industry alive in ‘Bling Blaow’ featuring Slimmy B

Nef The Pharoah featuring Slimmy B - Bling Blaow (Video)

Nef The Pharoah featuring Slimmy B – Bling Blaow (Video)

The up and coming Vallejo rapper Nef The Pharoah returns with his new video Bling Blaow featuring Slimmy B. Keeping it hella icey, you might need to pull your shades out for this one. Read more about the new video here:

Nef displays the regal charisma that inspired his peers to elevate him as a leader of the new Bay Area scene, posing with his bedazzled KILFMB chain, shaking his dreads in a jewelry store, and fearlessly breaking a convenience store’s “No Loitering” policy. Featuring a guest verse from Slimmy B of SOB x RBE and featuring cameos from E-40OMB Peezy, and other members of SOB x RBE, the Vallejo-set video is stuffed with innovative editing techniques, cutting in still photos and flashy visuals to great effect. Listed for weeks on Spotify’s Most Necessary playlist, “Bling Blaow” is a highlight from The Chang Project, an effervescent portrait of the 22-year-old’s life as a rising rapper and recent father and an engaging picture of the current state of Bay Area rap.

Watch Bling Blaow from Nef The Pharoah featuring Slimmy B below.


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