Still Fly, Still Big Tymin’: Nef The Pharaoh Announces Fresh Outta Space 3

Nef The Pharoah – Everything Big (Video)

West Coast rapper Nef The Pharoah returns with his latest video Everything Big, fresh off his national tour. Read more about this video here:

The FADER premieres “Everything Big,” the project’s first single and a spiritual successor to “Big Tymin’,” Nef The Pharaoh’s breakthrough hit. On “Everything Big,” Nef celebrates his celebrity status, rocking a sing-song flow over P-Lo‘s smooth keys, trunk-rattling bass, and snapping snares: “I’m a pharaoh and these other n*ggas peasants,” Nef accurately asserts in the song’s opening verse. The video finds Nef living the high life, rocking a chinchilla bathrobe in his Bay Area mansion, stunting with P-Lo in near his expensive cars, and floating with some models in his infinity pool. “This is an exuberant Chang Chang,” explains Nef The Pharaoh. “I recently had a son and now I’m able to support him financially and emotionally. This song celebrates that.”

Watch Nef The Pharoah‘s Everything Big and leave a comment down below.

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