Nacho Picasso x Harry Fraud Drop New “ANTI HERO” Project

Nacho Picasso x Harry Fraud – ANTI HERO (Mixtape)

Nacho Picasso links up with producer Harry Fraud to drop the new 9-track project known as ANTI HERO. The Seattle bred rapper also has dropped a couple episodes for his series The Nachomentary. Read more about this project from Nacho’s perspective:

“I’ve kinda always been regarded as a villain, but I‘ve evolved a lot since my early days, and I understand the universe way more now, than I did when I first got in the game. Anti Hero represents that. Songs like ‘Lizard King Jr’ show my weird, paranoid conspiracy theorist side while displaying my unorthodox wordplay and drugged out sexcapades. ‘Grunge’ is close to my to my lil heart! I rarely do emo songs cause I’m lightskint and emo enough but this one reflects on my current struggles with who I am, while paying homage to my city. ‘Voices In My Head,’ is my Nacho Kubrick shit…My Edgar Allen ‘Poe-up!’ This is a scary story I made up in my head on some American Psycho/The Shining shit!’ The Anti Hero is the ‘rebirth of Nacho.”

Stream the new ANTI HERO from Nacho Picasso and Harry Fraud in full below and let us know what you think in the comments!



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