Montana Of 300 is a “Rap God with the Devil’s Delivery”

Montana of 300 – Land of The Dark (Video)

Montana of 300 recently hit 100 million views on YouTube (shit!) total from all his videos, so now he’s going to keep the numbers rising with his latest music video Land of The Dark. Read more about this new music video below:

Few rappers can match the intensity of Chicago’s Montana Of 300, who returns today with “Land Of The Dark,” the first video single from his forthcoming full-length Fire in the Church. Debuted by Noisey with an extensive interview, “Land Of The Dark” captivates through the sheer force of Montana’s charisma, expertly balancing his breathless rhymes with melodic auto-tuned hooks.

The sinister, minimalist video finds Montana Of 300 emphatically delivering his rhymes backed by masked men, the accents of red evoking the bloody aftermath of violence in his hometown. “Fire in the Church is basically the bad within the good,” Montana Of 300 explains to Noisey. “No sugar coating, the good within the bad, and it also kind of represents my following and how I built my fanbase, was just word of mouth. If it’s a fire in the church, somebody’s running out of the church saying, ‘it’s a fire in the church!’ People that hear me, is like, you gotta listen to this dude. It’s something urgent in that extreme.”

Watch Montana of 300‘s new video Land of The Dark and leave a comment below with your opinion of this one.

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