Chicago’s Mikey Dollaz & Sega Bodega Connect for 8-Bit Banger “High As Air”

Mikey Dollaz – High As Air (Video)
Prod. by Sega Bodega

Mikey Dollaz has dibbed and dabbed over international waters and he releases the new video for High As Air, produced by Scottish club producer Sega Bodega. Read more about this release here:

“Trippy stuff” is how reddit’s hiphopheads admin describes Chicago rapper Mikey Dollaz, with his exquisite ear for beats: he often finds the most avant-garde and experimental electronic beats to attack with his aggressive bars. Today, Mikey Dollaz releases both the single “High As Air,” a collaboration with acclaimed Glaswegian producer Sega Bodega, and an accompanying music video. On “High As Air,” premiered today by reddit’s supremely active hip hop subreddit, rhiphopheads, Sega Bodega channels his namesake, creating a backdrop suitable for a particularly difficult level of Sonic The Hedgehog, while Mikey attacks the track with a brutal, stopping-and-starting flow. The result is a singularly wavy Mikey Dollaz track, blending the rap styles of his hometown with the most innovative sounds in electronic club music. “The thing I love about the beat is that it’s real hard, it’s real strong,” Mikey Dollaz explains. “Everything [Sega Bodega] did with the beat was perfect. If you turn that beat on, you’re gonna automatically wanna write to it.”

Check out Mikey Dollaz and Sega Bodega in the new video for High As Air.

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