Maxo Kream Dives Deep Into His Family’s Past in the projects of Houston “Grannies”

Maxo Kream – Grannies (Audio)

Maxo Kream returns with a harrowing, yet nostalgic track Grannies, detailing his story of growing up in Houston’s projects. Maxo is on the way of advancing his sound after dropping his project The Persona Tape last year to acclaim and fanfare. Look for Maxo to make moves in 2017. Read what he has to say about the new track below:

Explains Maxo, “I made this song so people could understand me. A lot of my fans are in the white hipster internet crowd. They like my music, but they don’t know why I say certain shit. They can’t relate to it. ‘Grannies’ describes a typical scene at my Grandma’s place which is where I lived after Mom and Dad kicked me out when I was 14 or 15 years old. Everything I said in that song, n*ggas know. Ain’t no secret, it’s real.”

Check out Grannies from Houston rapper Maxo Kream and drop your opinion in the comments below.

Maxo Kream - Grannies (Audio)

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