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Maryann – This Is What The Moon Sounds Like (Album Review)

Maryann – This Is What The Moon Sounds Like (Album Review)

by Lac Martin

So my homie Dub shoots me a link for a new album to review (as I do with furious pace (jk I be takin all day)) and open it to find possibly a new star in the making. Now to put it in perspective, I probably wouldn’t have reviewed this album if I wasn’t referred, how the F ever this EP landed on my virtual doorstep, so I jam. I was surprised (maybe a tad embarrassed) how much I liked the project. Not too embarrassed as I was an original Kelis fan waaaay back when Kaleidoscope came out, waaaay before her Milkshake brought boys around and before she was Bossy as a mofo, so I’m open to feminine bravado and braggadocio.

I started listening to the This Is What The Moon Sounds Like EP and I had to take off my hat (old English D of course) and tip it to Maryann, definitely a well SBVCE produced, opposite of milk toast project she put together. She has hella crossover appeal and if done right she has the music production and singing voice to make a major push for a long career in the business.

My advice would be to go with the song So Xtra as her single that song could be a club banger/extravagant video. And it’s a different sound that doesn’t try to over do bass in a bass filled era.

I also LOVE the song Slow Ridin, sounds like a female Travis Scott/Future song, I dig it in a major way. The project is an 18 -29 year old female jam I’m willing to bet. Trust and believe you’ll hear big things from Maryann in the future.

Stream the album below and buy it now on iTunes or Amazon.

Maryann - The Is What The Moon Sounds Like (Album Review)

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