Bay Area Pizza Mogul Marty Grimes Sparks Martyjuana, Celebrates His Friends & Family on New Mixtape

Marty Grimes – Martyjuana (Album Stream)

Being a childhood friend of G Eazy has some perks. But being a young entrepreneur & rapper has its own perks as well. If you’re looking for positive vibes and good smoke music then you’ll enjoy the new album from Martyjuana from Marty Grimes. Read more from Marty on his album release:

“When I burn one I don’t usually wanna listen to some turnt up music, I normally catch a vibe to something chill,” explains Marty Grimes. “Some time ago I was presented with an opportunity to have my own weed strain, which I named ‘Martyjuana.’ Since then that’s all I’ve been smoking while making music, and I chose to name the mixtape after it. I really just wanted to tell my story. My stories consist of my past experiences, some might be bits and pieces from different situations and some might be what actually went down. I guess you can say my fans helped push me because I felt they didn’t know enough about me. That’s the reason I didn’t have many features, I wanted to them to hear and understand me 100%. I’m trying to promote the good life–trying to make people understand we all go through things but in the end we still choose the way we feel about our own lives.”

Light one up and stream Marty Grimes‘ new album Martyjuana and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Marty Grimes - Martyjuana (Album Stream)

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