Mario Dones – At The End (Video)

Mario Dones - At The End (Video)

Mario Dones – At The End (Video)

Mario Dones has done something most people wish they can do. He’s made the move from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles. I’ve been to Los Angeles twice. And It’s expensive as shit. But I hope that this artist is going to chase his dreams. His flow deserves to be heard on bigger stages.

He recently released his video At The End, dropping jewels over a laid back track. Read more about this track here:

The day before making his big move from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, Mario Dones had the pleasure of shooting with Brennan Peirson (@brennantweets) to create the video for “At The End”.  “My transition to the West Coast hasn’t been the smoothest, but this is one of the songs that has been holding me down,” says Dones on the start of his new life in California. “At The End” was produced by Zaire.

Check out Mario Dones At The End, and drop a comment below.

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