Marijuana Magnate Berner Explores Seattle in the Third Installment of His “Marijuana Mania” YouTube Series

Berner – “Marijuana Mania” Episode 3: Seattle (Documentary)

The rapper Berner and also Marijuana aficionado drops episode 3 of his Marijuana Mania series. In this episode, he travels to Seattle to showcase the industry. Peep out some music from Berner if you haven’t heard him yet. Read more about this episode here:

Recognized as one of the most knowledgeable people to navigate this booming and murky industry, Berner has been releasing mini-documentaries through his Marijuana Mania YouTube series. 
Focusing on the marijuana industry in Seattle and the state of Washington, Berner goes in depth about what goes into producing, processing, and selling weed. He also interviews local professionals about the complications of working in an industry, that while locally legal, is still federally illegal and ruminates on the ways that legalization is affecting the culture.

Watch the latest episode of Marijuana Mania from Berner and let us know what you think in the comments!


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