Luxury Aircraft Solutions Unveils New Website

Luxury Aircraft Solutions Unveils New Website
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Booking your private jet with Luxury Aircraft Solutions has never been more convenient

“We put our customers’ needs first and this is what sets us apart from our competitors.” – Daniel Hirschhorn, Managing Director of Luxury Aircraft Solutions.

Luxury Aircraft Solutions, Inc. has recently announced the launch of their newly-designed charter flight booking website, which includes a responsive interface that is meant to improve user experience and allow customers to instantly receive a quote for a private flight.

In an effort to simplify the booking process, the new website allows users to input where they’re flying from, where they want to go, the date, and even the time that they’d prefer. Users can then receive instant quotes based on several options, and depending on the type of aircraft they’d like to book.

“Just about everyone plans and books travel online, and now it’s easier than ever for our customers to receive a quote for a private flight,” said Daniel Hirschhorn, Managing Director of Luxury Aircraft Solutions. “In just a matter of seconds, they can get the information they’re looking for.”

Customers who would prefer to bypass receiving quotes and would rather lock in prices ahead of time can choose to take advantage of a new program that was also unveiled at the time of the new website launch: the Jet Card Program. With the Jet Card Program, travelers can purchase flight time in advance; alternatively, they can purchase cards in monetary denominations. Although dollar-value cards don’t lock in an hourly rate, they are ideal for customers who prefer access to a wider range of aircraft.

“We are really excited about the new Jet Card and the benefits it will offer our customers,” added Hirschhorn. “Our exclusive program is unlike comparable cards out there, most of which include strict replenishment policies and impose expiration dates. Our cards are fully refundable and don’t expire. We put our customers’ needs first and this is what sets us apart from our competitors.”

There are several benefits that travelers can take advantage of by purchasing a Jet Card. Jet Card holders are guaranteed flight availability, which is an especially useful perk to have during peak travel periods, such as holidays. And as VIP customers, they also have access to concierge services, which can help arrange ground transportation, gourmet catering, lodging, and more. For business travelers, the Jet Card Program also offers a simplified solution for keeping personal and business expenses separate.

Prices range between $42,520.00 for a 10-hour Turboprop Card and $112,300.00 for a 10-hour Heavy Jet Card. The remaining hours or dollars on a customer’s card never expire, don’t impose any hidden fees (such as additional charges), and full refunds are available at any time.

Customers looking to find a discounted charter flight might have some luck with one of the broker’s many available empty leg flights. Because private flights are frequently booked as one-way journeys, they will often fly back to their origin without any passengers. As an incentive to get these flights occupied with paying passengers, empty leg flights are usually available at a much lower price, offering those with flexible travel plans the chance to experience luxury travel and without the higher price tag. With the new website design, users can easily see what empty leg flights are available. They can narrow down their search by sorting available aircraft, passenger capacity, available dates, origin, and destination.

Based in Ronkonkoma, New York, Luxury Aircraft Solutions has operated in the private aircraft industry since 2011. The aircraft broker services a wide range of clientele, and offers a large selection of private aircraft for both business and leisure travel purposes. From helicopters to jumbo jets and everything in between, Luxury Aircraft Solutions caters to both domestic and international travelers.


To learn more about Luxury Aircraft Solutions, please contact Daniel Hirschhorn at 1(631) 676-7488 or send an email to Daniel(at)Luxury(dot)AERO. Visit Luxury Aircraft Solutions on the web at

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