Los Angeles Rising Starlet Delivers High Energy Pop Music Project

Los Angeles Rising Starlet Delivers High Energy Pop Music Project

Dirty Ballerina

Dirty Ballerina is a high energy pop song that forces you to dance!

When you meet Princess Fortier, you learn quickly that she is a woman of great sophistication. This 23 year old artist shines as a singer, songwriter, scientist, linguist, actress, model, and philanthropist who is dedicated to using her talent and knowledge to heal the world. Hailing from Stockton, CA, her creole roots inspired her to pursue the study of the French language. Her fascination with the intricacies of the human brain led her to earn degrees in both Neuroscience and French from UCLA. Her academic achievements are matched only by her vocal prowess. The musical talents of this young starlet are showcased in the infectious hit entitled “Dirty Ballerina,” Princess’ debut single. This feel-good party song has many industry insiders checking her out. In a recent interview, Princess commented, “I generally write lyrics that have a deep and profound meaning to me. My songs are normally about things like overcoming obstacles; forgiving others and handling important decisions. But this song was very different. I just wanted to have fun and express all the characters I never express in real life. Usually, I’m the serious observer type. Privately, I’m very goofy and expressive. I wanted to let some of that side out in my art.”

“Dirty Ballerina is a high energy pop song that forces you to dance! The beat was given to me anonymously and when I heard it, there was so much fire in it that I had to write lyrics for it,” said Princess. The infusion of Pop music with Japanese culture and hip-hop undertones create a fast moving melody that is sure to get the party rocking in any situation. Princess Fortier commented, “In the studio, this Harajuku character kept coming out during the recording session, so I just went with it. She forces you to giggle and dance. This woman is bold and daring. She goes after whatever she wants with reckless abandon and has a blast doing it!” The Harajuku character is brought to life in the single’s new music video.

Princess Fortier is currently available for booking and portion of her musical proceeds always go to charity. The mission statement on her website gives insight on her passion to somehow feed every hungry individual in the world for a year. Her belief is that if people have their basic needs met (i.e. food, water and shelter), they can be free to reach for their dreams, and become the highest version of themselves. To this end, she has partnered with various charitable organizations to meet the needs that are all too evident in today’s world. Princess Fortier commented, “I envision a world where not just a few, but everyone gets to be their highest selves.” A brilliant and talented vocal artist with a passion to make a lasting impact on the world? Yes, that is Princess Fortier.

See the world premiere of her music video Dirty Ballerina here: https://youtu.be/5T6NLTTHaQ8

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