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Listen to London singer KINDER’s latest single ‘Heartless’

KINDER – Heartless (Audio)

London singer KINDER has released his latest single Heartless from the EP Feeling Gets Too Heavy. The R&B Soul singer has a lot to show off with the new EP. Read more about the new EP here:

‘Heartless’ was the first song to be written for the new EP and shaped the direction KINDER’s second release would be taking, both musically and lyrically. The track’s message is something that’s been felt by many in recent years as we helplessly watch scenes of poverty and suffering through a small screen that only distances us further from reality. Leo explains how he ‘was very affected by the stories of refugees dying whilst trying to find a better life, but I felt there was nothing I could do except watch. Modern society is built in such a way that we just watch bad things happen and then wonder why they don’t get better.’ Pared down to a hard-hitting beat and Leo’s soulful croon, the words paint a striking picture of this senseless disregard for basic human rights.

Stream the new track Heartless from KINDER and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

KINDER - Heartless (Audio)

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