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Watch Killa Kyleon speak the downside of Jordans with ‘Killing Over Jays’

Killa Kyleon – Killing Over Jays (Video)

Houston rapper Killa Kyleon wants everyone to know about the ills of the Jordan Brand and Black Americans dealing with the problems of consumerism. Killing Over Jays sheds light on the issue. Read more about the video here:

Killa Kyleon is always one to take a stand through the power of his music. Having spoken on social injustice and police brutality, the Houston emcee turns the spotlight on how the need to partake in the hottest new trend is crippling our community. In the Cory Mo produced track,  “Killing Over Jays,” Killa Kyleon tackles the hypebeast culture surrounding Jordans and how they have lead to crime involving young people in the black community.  IYO Visuals directs the epic video that brings Killa’s words to life. 

Watch the Cory Mo produced track Killing Over Jays by Killa Kyleon and sound off in the comments.
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