Jahzel – The Wake Up (Album Stream)

Jahzel – The Wake Up (Album Stream)

For those of you who haven’t listened to Jahzel‘s The Wake Up yet, you’re completely out of the loop. In an era where the Chicago rap scene is booming with different styles, Jahzel stands in his own realm. Yet, he is still a product of his environment. Read more on the background of Jahzel below:

Born and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness in Chicago’s Northside, Jahzel experienced an adversity borne from the juxtaposition of his sheltered home life and the unforgiving streets outside his front door. Considered to be too hood for ministry school, but too “white” for the hood, Jahzel has an outsider’s viewpoint that is showcased in his music. However, growing up in Chicago, with its fragile imperfections and strong blue-collar work ethic, Jahzel learned to overcome the challenges of life through perseverance and hard work.  “Adversity is what molds me,” says Jahzel. As a man full of juxtapositions that relate to religion, street life, race, class, and being the son of first generation Nigerian immigrants, Jahzel’s complex experience of growing up in an often misunderstood city is pout on display in his sophomore album, The Wake Up.

The new album features other underground acts such as Meagen McNeal, Ben Official and Kaye Foxx. Stream Jahzel‘s album The Wake Up below and buy the new album on iTunes here.

Jahzel - The Wake Up (Album Stream)

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